Health and Safety
“Health and safety is an integral aspect in the event crew industry.”


Urban Crew recognised from day one that health and safety would become an integral and significant aspect in the event crew industry; we therefore took on board our own health and safety consultant who assisted setting up all our health and safety policies and standards with continuous reviews and updates to our systems on a day to day basis.

Urban Crew ensure all our crew are as knowledgeable as possible in manual handling techniques as well as industry awareness. We have achieved this by producing a tailored program of training that all our crew attend with their initial induction at Urban Crew. Crew induction covers safe working systems which are continually monitored by Crew Chiefs. Induction training involves a thorough explanation of PPE requirements, safe working practices based on manual handling and health and safety policy and practices. New crew members are introduced into the industry with experienced crew men to assist in training and to ensure safe work practises are installed from day one. Urban crew believes health and safety should be part of your company culture and should be monitored and improved on a continuous basis.

Crew chiefs and Senior Crew are SPA qualified and continuously monitored.

All local crew receive our health and safety and industry awareness handbook that has been compiled by Urban Crew and our health and safety officer, which is continuously being improved and updated.

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