Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is a Crew Chief supplied on a job?

Crew Chief is supplied on any job with four or more crew on the job and at an extra charge of £10 for the shift irrespective of the shift length.

Q: What is the extra charge for a skilled crew member?

A skilled crew member is charged at an extra £15 per 4 hour shift respectively.

Q: What is the Urban Crew cancellation policy?

Any shift cancelled within 24 hours of the start of the shift will incur a 50% charge; any shift cancelled within 12 hours will incur a 100% cancellation charge.

Q: What are the travel charges and to which venues?

  • Two hour calls only apply within the M25 and excludes the Grove hotel and Heathrow airport and hotels
  • Venues outside the M25 will incur a one off £10 travel charge per man
  • Venues that are 80 miles or more outside of London will incur a £20 travel charge per man
  • Mileage is charged at £0.55 per mile

Q: Is there a minimum call out length?

Our minimum call out is a 2 hour call within central London.